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The Future of Your Business Processes Begins Here.

We integrate cutting-edge AI technologies with your daily business operations to enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Our solutions seamlessly align with your current workflows, providing distinctive advantages to future-proof your company.

About Us.

Silicon Valley meets Silicon Alps


Think global, act local – with Silicon Valley in our DNA: Our presence in the technology hub of Silicon Valley, combined with strong roots in the "Silicon Alps," positions us as a leader in AI implementation. As active designers of the future, we not only recognize trends early but also play a key role in shaping them. Our international network, paired with local expertise, allows us to develop visionary solutions that are regionally anchored.

By utilizing a variety of AI language models, we ensure the highest quality and flexibility.

Quality & Flexibility

With an on-premise installation, you retain full control and protection of your data.

Data Protection

Our platform operates within your network, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Offline Usage

We provide tailor-made AI solutions for all business needs, spanning from Customer Service to Data Analysis.

Customizable AI Solutions


Your AI Platform for multiple Use Cases

BubbleGPT provides access to a robust AI infrastructure offering diverse deployment options. This encompasses BubbleChat, a ChatGPT-like client facilitating intuitive and natural interactions with your AI.


Herbert Wagger


25 years of CRM software development experience, specializing in optimizing banking and sales processes through software-based design. AI Evangelist.

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Markus Orlitsch


Spent 15 years at Google, specializing in Customer Success, Operations Management, and Business Process Optimization.

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AI Use Cases.

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Financial Education, Debt Prevention, and Management. Online Lending Solutions.

Financial Industry

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Efficiency gains in Offer Management, Lead Generation, Personalized Messaging, and more.

Sales & Marketing

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Automated Complaints Management, Order Tracking, and Shipping Status Updates.

Customer Service

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Significant Efficiency Gains in Consulting, Planning,  Maintenance and Repair Processes.


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Reduce Order Processing Time for an accelerated Supply Chain.


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Automated Candidate Screening and Resource Management based on Qualifications and Availability.

Human Resources

AI Use Case Analysis

A thorough Business Process Analysis is the initial step in pinpointing workflows ripe for AI integration. This analysis entails:

  • Reviewing your existing business processes and systems.

  • Identifying pivotal areas where AI can yield the highest ROI.

  • Compiling a report with tailored recommendations for AI use cases within your organization.

AI Data Analysis

A comprehensive data review is conducted to prepare for the Proof-of-Concept. This review involves:

  • Evaluating data quality and structure.

  • Confirming the feasibility of machine learning applications based on data quality.

  • Recommending steps for data cleanup and augmentation to achieve optimal results.


To ensure your company leverages the latest technologies, we provide AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) on a monthly pricing model. This encompasses support, maintenance, and continual optimization of your AI solution.

Features include:

  • Access to the BubbleGPT Platform

  • BubbleGPT API Access

  • Identity & User Management

  • Compliance with Service Level Agreements

  • Cloud Hosting (if applicable)

*Subject to the number of requests and volume of data utilized.




INTRANET Software & Consulting GmbH

Lannerweg 54

9201 Krumpendorf



  • Stock Market Analysis

  • Financial Audits

Financial Industry

  • Offer Management

  • Lead Generation

  • Personalized Recommendations

Sales & Marketing

  • Complaints Management

  • Order and Shipping Status

  • Problem Solving

Customer Service

  • Consulting & Planning

  • Repair & Maintenance


  • Order Processing

  • Logistics and Supply Chain


  • Recruiting

  • Resource Planning

Human Resources

AI Use Cases.


Embark on a journey of endless possibilities with CompanyGPT. Maintain full control over your company data with a bespoke GPT system.

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